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    Leads | Marketing | Sales | CRM | Reputation
    Easily convert leads to customers, no matter where you are
    Your free access never expires. This isn't a trial.
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    Leads | Marketing | Sales | CRM | Reputation
    Easily convert leads to customers, no matter where you are
    Your free access never expires. This isn't a trial.
Designed for SMEs to grow faster

How Bixpand accelerates your Sales?

Get Leads

Gather hot leads around the clock from webpages and social media, straight to your sales team’s Prospect List.

Track events and get insights for all marketing campaigns.

Manage Contacts

Give your sales team Chat, emails, text, tags, notes, docs, tasks, timelines, engagement scores, target lists, reminders, events and more to convert every qualified contact into a happy customer. Use pre-built campaigns to get customer experience feedback for your products and services.

Boost Productivity

Get reminded, automate or reassign within team, never miss a follow-up. Act on sales tasks & track team activities on mobile. Stay focused and get more time to work on tasks that builds your business.

Manage Meetings

Effectively book your meetings, demos, appointments, support calls without email exchanges. Event auto reminders for your prospects and sales team along with calendar integrations reduces missed opportunities.

Manage Deals

Act and follow up on every deal from any device, any time. Track every action for a win. Get insights on each phase of the sales funnel for improvements and actions.

Email Campaigns & Actions

Use pre-built email templates for marketing drip campaigns and track opens, clicks, replies. Initiate flows based on user action on the emails. Easily import email lists.

Manage Business Reputation

Pile up customer reviews on Google or any other online review site via email/text/QR. Attract new sales with auto showcase of the best and latest reviews on your webpages & social media.

Privacy & Security

Have full visibility and control on when and how your business data is being viewed and used. Manage user access, functions for multiple business locations.

Easy to Use

Designed easy to make you powerful. Get Started in minutes and setup all your business functions on bixpand with our expert help. Report any issues to us with a single click from any screen.

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